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Used Car Loan After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy should not be the end of the world for anyone, and especially when you are trying to get a car loan. You need a new start, a second chance, and we here at Auto Mall Loans understand that. Maybe you need that car to get to that new job you just got, or to just get your kids to their after school activities so you can spend some time with them.

The past may not be on your side, but you are trying to change things and make a better future. Our professionals are qualified to understand your financial dilemma and are more than happy to work with you to secure a vehicle loan. You may have already approached your bank and were declined for a vehicle loan. This however, does not affect your chances of getting a vehicle loan with us. We can still say YES, after everyone else has said NO.

So whether you’ve had double or even triple bankruptcy, we here at Auto Mall Loans can help you secure a vehicle loan and work with you to get the monthly payments that fit your budget, and at the same time get you the vehicle you want.

Give one our specialists a call today at 613-686-3962 or go ahead and fill out our on-line credit application .

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